Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Impact Man - Colin Beavan

Could you live for one year without making an impact? Could you lower your carbon footprint? Cut back on electricity, or cut it off all together? Shop only locally, produce no trash, and use only your own two feet for transportation? Colin Beaven and his family did, and he made a movie about it.

In 2009 it premiered at the Sundance and Los Angeles Film Festivals. He went on the Colbert Report, Good Morning America, and he was featured in the NYTimes. Now he's on tour to talk about the film, the book, and the No Impact Project:

Well, guess what? As a collaboration with Sustainable Green Country, Booksmart Tulsa, Smart Car, Crowne Plaza Tulsa, The Tulsa Cineseries, and United Campus Ministry, Green Drinks is screening his film on June 2nd at 7pm on The Green in Downtown Tulsa. Just in case you aren't sure where I'm talking about, its at 3rd and Boston - you know, where they have Mayfest every year? What's even cooler? For starters, it's free. You can bring a lawn chair or a blanket for this outdoor event. Get there early for good seats - 150 peeps are expected. Second, there will be hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks for sale. And not just any hamburgers and hot dogs, but LOCAL ORGANIC ones!! Crowne Plaza is purchasing those goodies from Downing Family Farms, Pork N' Greens, Three Springs Farm, and Luna Bread - all Cherry St Farmers Market vendors. You'll also be able to visit with the good folks from Smart Car, who'll have thier vehicles on display and who have graciously sponsored the event. Talk to our pals from Up With Trees about volunteer opportunities or free/low cost trees. Improve your property value and beautify Tulsa while cleaning up the air - bonus. Sign up for curbside recycling with The MET. Also, at this event, be sure to dispose of your trash properly - there will be recycling bins brought to you by Kristen McCormick of Shikoba Recycling. Plus, you can buy the No Impact Man Book - the proceeds go to Sustainable Green Country and Tulsa Green Drinks. We'll have our farmers market guides too, in case you didn't already carry that with you....everywhere you go....

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And that's not it. The following week on June 8th at Circle Cinema, the film maker himself (and reportedly his wife too.....rumor has it) will be speaking to Green Drinkers and signing his book. He'll tell us about the No Impact Project where he is challenging people to live carbon light,and to question our lifestyle habits. His book will also be available and there are plenty of refreshments for sale at The Circle. They even sell organic cookies and locally roasted coffee from Topeca.

The second half of the year is also packed with more cool events. We are booked through December with events from PSO, Elote, Pro Energy Consultants, The Canebrake, Topeca Coffee, and more. Stay tuned y'all. Good things are happenin' in T Town.